The EOS Process™ helps your leadership team focus and build an attainable vision for your organization quickly and efficiently.

To get started, select an EOS Implementer™ and schedule your free 90 Minute Meeting to introduce your entire leadership team to EOS.

Once you have decided that EOS is right for your organization, your EOS Implementer™ will lead you through several training days and then regular ongoing sessions that help you…

Get Focused and Clarify Vision

Three days of knowledge-sharing and providing your team with new tools flow like this:

  • The Focus Day™ — we help your leadership team get organized and arm you with five foundational tools to use in the next 30 days.
  • Vision Building™ Day 1 – we review and help you sharpen your knowledge from your Focus Day. You also begin to use the Vision/Traction Organizer™ (V/TO™) tool to clarify your vision.
  • Vision Building Day 2 – we help your leadership build mastery with previously introduced tools, complete clarifying your vision using the V/TO, and set priorities for the coming 90 days.

Achieve Traction

  • Quarterly Sessions – every 90 days, we meet with your leadership team to guide progress, teach additional tools, and strengthen your mastery of EOS.
  • Annual Planning Sessions – once per year, we spend two full days with your leadership team to update your vision and plan for the coming year.

Get Results

Once you have fully implemented EOS in your business, your teams will be focused and on their way executing your organization’s vision, giving you everything you want from your business.

Learn more about some of the main EOS principles and tools with our video library.

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Are you the Visionary or the Implementer?

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